fourier demo

Hi, I am cross-posting this from wxPython users list since the demo is an
example wxPython app with embedded matplotlib objects.

To the wxpython / matplotlib community:

I wanted to share the enclosed "Fourier Demo" GUI, which is a
reimplementation of one of the very first MATLAB GUIs that I worked on at
MathWorks in 1993 (right when Handle Graphics was introduced in
MATLAB 4). It presents you with two waveforms - a Fourier transform pair -
and allows you to manipulate some parameters (via clicking the waveforms and
dragging, and controls) and shows how the waveforms are related.

I was very happy about how easily it came together and the performance of
the resulting GUI. In particular the matplotlib events and interaction with
wx is quite nice. The 'hitlist' of matplotlib figures is very convenient.

Note this is some of my first wx GUI programming so if you see anything that
could be handled with a better pattern / class / etc, I am very open to
such suggestions!

   Tom K.


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