Formatting with multiple graphs

Hi I'm trying to produce bar graphs with the format of 3

    > per page all sharing a common x-axis. I have done this and
    > each graph properly has its own title, and y labels, while
    > only the bottom graph has x labels.

Have you seen examples/ and
examples/ These specifically address sharing of
an axis (eg when navigating) and also illustrate some useful calls for
controlling ticking, etc...

    > My problem is that I would like to add a title to the
    > entire page, and add a box of information (legend or key I
    > guess) that applies to all 3 graphs, and not any in
    > particular. I hope that made sense.

If fig is a matplotlib.figure.Figure instance

  fig.text : add text in figure coords; see examples/

  fig.legend : add a legend to the figure (rather than Axes); see

See for the Figure
class documentation.

    > the table function destroys my x-labels and doesn't format
    > very well.

The table can be placed in a number of different locations by passing
in the "loc" code. This can be one of

  'upper right' 'upper left' 'lower left' 'lower right' 'center left'
  'center right' 'lower center' 'upper center' 'center' 'top right'
  'top left' 'bottom left' 'bottom right' 'right' 'left' 'top'

Also, try changing the size of your axes manually by using "axes"
rather than "subplot". See also the advice at

    > <my ascii drawing representation of what I'm looking for>

Now we just need to write an ascii backend to facilitate this kind of
communication :slight_smile: