Formatter dates

I just checked it up, and it had some nice function, the timeseries looked nice and maybe i can use it in some way (time_series looked interesting) . I dont want to go away from Linecollection way of plotting due to its speed or is the timeseries-way a fast way of plotting?


Date: Wed, 17 Nov 2010 09:55:13 +0100
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Tim, have you tried the scikits.timeseries package? Its plotting capacities, albeit limited, may be helpful in your case…
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I have now been tampering with a custom formatter and the more i think about it the more i feel there must be a more easy soulution. I have a set of values that are plotted over time (i use date2num, to get the conversion from date to num), i also have a list with dates that corresponds to these values;

[‘2010-11-05 10:27:45.605000’, ‘2010-11-05 10:27:50.576000’, ‘2010-11-05 10:27:55.913000’], this to not have to do a conversion back, i imagine its the most effective way to do it.

Now to the question;

The only two values in the datelist that is vital is the first and the last, in between i really just want to have values that corresponds lineary. Thats brings me to resoulution, if the values are far far in between, say weeks or even moth the time (h:s:ms) isnt so important and vice versa.

Is there any formatter that do this sort of things? eg. takes in two values(dates) and format it by itself.

// Tim