forcing a plot to appear

Matthias Michler wrote:

Hi Ken,


I am trying to develop an application that I can run inside the ipython
shell. One of my methods creates a plot, asks the user to make a choice
based on that plot, and then creates another plot that displays the
chosen set of information.

If the choices are made with a qt or wx dialogue, everything goes fine.
If I try to get the choice by asking the user to type the information
into the shell, neither plot appears until after the choice is made.

I have tried show() and draw() but neither make any difference.

I attached a script that allows to input a number via "raw_input" (after
the first figure appeared) and than opens up a second figure. I hope the
goes towards your needs.

Kind regards,

That did the trick. I think it was problably the use of .ion() and .ioff()
that did it but I just did the whole fix and didn't check to see what was

many thanks!


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