Font properties in embedded application

""Strauss" == "Strauss JM <jstrauss@...841...>" <jstrauss@...841...> writes:

    "Strauss> My problem however is that I am unable to change my font
    "Strauss> style (it seems to be Times New Roman or similar and I
    "Strauss> want it to be Arial) for the labels ext., even though I
    "Strauss> can change just about everything else there is to
    "Strauss> change, including font size, the coverage of the canvas
    "Strauss> by the figure and so forth. This I do be merely
    "Strauss> changing the matplotlibrc file copied to my application
    "Strauss> directory. Are there any suggestions or may be a
    "Strauss> request for more detail information regarding my
    "Strauss> problem?

Not sure -- maybe matplotlib is not finding your fonts. Have you seen which gives some info
about setting font paths. I suggest removing your matplotlib
generated font cache (~/.matplotlib/ttffont.cache) and then rerunning
your script with the --verbose-debug flag to see what fonts it's
looking for, finding and using.