Font properties in embedded application

Dear members

I have done a quick search of the archives, but did not find anything
information regarding my problem (or at least to my knowledge). I have
written an application using wxPython and I am using embedded matplotlib
plotting to show some of the generated results. This I have done fairly
similar to the embedding in wx examples presented for matplotlib and it
works fine with little effort. So far so good.

My problem however is that I am unable to change my font style (it seems
to be Times New Roman or similar and I want it to be Arial) for the
labels ext., even though I can change just about everything else there
is to change, including font size, the coverage of the canvas by the
figure and so forth. This I do be merely changing the matplotlibrc file
copied to my application directory. Are there any suggestions or may be
a request for more detail information regarding my problem?


Johann Strauss