font problems: fc-list takes up 100% of CPU and runs forever

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>> I haven't heard of this issue before.
>> fc-list comes from the fontconfig project. It is used to get a list of
>> all of the fonts installed on the system. It sounds like there is some
>> bug there -- the usual culprit is that there is a slightly non-standard
>> font installed on the system and fontconfig has a hard time parsing it.
>> You could try updating fc-list (it's in all the major package managers).
>> As for a workaround from our end, we could try to set a timeout on
>> fc-list and just skip it if it takes too long. We can't rely on it
>> being there on a Mac at all, so already we gracefully degrade to a less
>> thorough search for fonts when fc-list can't be found.
> Thanks for the advice. A defective font is an interesting possibility.
> I was wrong it's new in 1.3.0; turns out it's seen in much older
> versions of my application (back to using mpl 1.0.0), but apparently on
> few machines.
> The issue showed up when I added some fancy animated strip charts to my
> application (which may be a coincidence), not when I upgraded mpl.
> I'm surprised the timeout on fc-list isn't working.

We don't currently do a timeout -- we make a blocking call to fc-list.
I was only suggesting it as a possible fix for this problem.

Sorry. I read too hastily. If it's not too hard to code a time limit, it
sounds like a good idea.

> Maybe something else
> is also using fc-list, but the fix is to add an ~/.matplotlib dir, which
> suggests it's an mpl issue.

When you copy over the .matplotlib dir, you copy over the font cache.
When matplotlib finds a font cache, it doesn't need to generate a list
of fonts, so thus doesn't need to call fc-list. But copying font caches
from one machine to another is unlikely to work (the set of fonts and
their locations is quite likely different). Worse yet, if matplotlib
attempts to look up a font and finds that it isn't where the cache says
it is, it regenerates the cache again, and thus you could get this
hanging anyway.

Thank you for that warning.

As a followup: one of the two computers had 3 copies of fc-list (one
from darwinports, one in /usr/local/bin and the on provided with Apple's
X11). Making sure Apple's version ran seems to have cleared up the
problem, based on one test. So we may have a fix.

I really appreciate the help.

-- Russell


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