font placement issue with € sign on PDF


I'm having an issue with the rendering of the € sign with pdf saved
figures while it looks fine on screen or on png saved figures.

Here is a minimal pylab example, and I've attached the two output files
title(u'Cost of X in €/MWh')

savefig('Cost in euros.png') # € sign renders fine
savefig('Cost in euros.pdf') # € sign is slightly vertically shifted

I made several tests with different strings. It happens that the
vertical shift seems to relate to the '/' symbol because '€' alone or
'€1' renders fine. Maybe something about kerning ?

I'm using version 1.1.1rc2 from Debian testing.
In my matplotlibrc, I have a customized line related to fonts:
font.sans-serif : DejaVu Sans, sans-serif

Does this influence the pdf generation in an intrusive way ?

I'm really not familiar with how PDF files are generated. I can only
report that Okular says that the pdf indeed contains the Deja Vu font
"fully integrated", in "Type 3". I guess this means something to some
people here but not me !


Cost in euros.pdf (9.1 KB)

Cost in euros.png