follow up on config file

Hi. Well, not sure anyone is interested in following up on the config file issue, but if so, attached is a complete version (sorry for the big size!). One class and two functions were moved from, but besides that it's all new (and thus the non-patch). But at least my quick tests shows it to be backwards compatible (i.e. it can read the .matplotlibrc files, and rc(...) was rewritten to work with the new system).

A very quick synopsis:
config['text']['color'] = 'r'
config['text.color'] = 'g'
config['text.c'] = 'b'
rc('text', color=(100, 100, 100))

I believe the new syntax allows for easy addition of plugins. Several possible methods exist to handle this:
(1) allow a new file '.pylabrc' which will automatically be parsed as a python file. The function 'read_rc_file(...)' still allows old-style config files to be used inside the new method, but then we don't need to introduce new syntax for setting up plugins. If no '.pylabrc' file, process '.matplotlibrc' file old style.
(2) if '.matplotlibrc' is a directory, then assume new style. Each file in this directory will automatically be processed as a python file. If not a directory, process same as old method.
(3) Allow python code to be included in the .matplotlibrc file as:
#include <python-script>

Thus, instead of requiring new config-file syntax for configuration of the plugins, they can simply be put in python files.

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