Focus in OSX

Hi Michiel,

OK, that is good to know.

The Apple-supplied python is not installed as a framework; I don’t know for the Enthought distribution.

Are you sure about this? The Python libraries reside in /System/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework (at least on Lion, but also on earlier versions IIRC) and the installed pyconfig.h contains the following lines:

/* Define if you want to produce an OpenStep/Rhapsody framework (shared

library plus accessory files). */


I have been using the MacOSX and TkAgg backends for 4 years with Apple Python (since Leopard) and have never seen a non-framework warning.

For the record, using the MacOSX backend on the released matplotlib 1.1.0 and Apple Python 2.7.1 on 10.7.3 Lion, I don’t see the three specific focus-related problems first mentioned by Chris.