Fixing Figure Size


I am working in Python with TkAgg. I have several plots that I would like to display on a single figure. The problem is, when I set the figure size to 12in wide, 6in high (which is perfect for my laptop) the plots get scrunched up. If I resize the window in which they're displayed then the plots scrunch up even further. So it appears to me that the figure size is tied to the window size.

I would like to set the size of the initial window in which the plots appear and then fix the size of the canvas? frame? figure? (not sure what I need to fix). I have created a scrollbar on the window to permit scrolling up and down.

I have attached the Navigation Toolbar to the bottom of the window, which is where I would like it to stay. So, the plots should scroll up and down with the toolbar fixed.

My small sample program is attached.

I am using Tk (as opposed to another GUI) as I am generating these plots from data in SimPy and am using SimGUI to control the model execution and plotting.

I would greatly appreciate any help!
Bonnie Douglas (1.85 KB)

I would suggest that you add the axes with:

axes = figure.add_axes((left, bottom, width, height))

instead of .add_subplot(). I think you have too many subplots, it
seems that the algorithm isn't designed for this. With .add_axes(),
you can add more space.

Note that you have then maybe to call the axes.plot() method directly,
which may be an disadvantage or advantage, depending on you mood :slight_smile: