First impression from a new user

Re: [Matplotlib-users] First impression from a new user
John Hunter <jdhunter@…8…> writes:

The function datestr2num takes any date string recognized by

dateutils.parse (most of them) and returns a floating point number

days since 0000-00-00 which is how matplotlib represents dates.

Wow, matplotlib is even cooler than I thought :slight_smile:

Let me report some small issues I found (not meant as a rant): refers

to but this page now resides


Also, you are using some parameters (usecols, unpack) to load() that doesn’t

know about.

The links for “matplotlib._pylab_helpers”, "matplotlib.backends and

“matplotlib” in the “Modules” section of don’t work.

We have steps too!

plot(x, y, linestyle=‘steps’)

Oh, I must have overlooked that. I need to remember that

users_guide_0.87.1.pdf doesn’t cover everything…