Fill Patterns in matplotlib?

Does the capability exist in matplotlib to use patterns

    > rather than colors to fill polygons, contours etc.? This
    > ability comes in handy when one wants to distinguish
    > various regions in a plot but needs to restrict the plot to
    > black and white. The page charges are sometimes much
    > larger for colored graphics and reproduction costs are
    > likewise reduced for B/W.

Recent versions of matplotlib support hatching in the PS backend only
-- it would be nice to support general pattern fills in *Agg and
others too....

import matplotlib
from pylab import figure

fig = figure()
ax = fig.add_subplot(111)
bars =,5), range(1,5), color='gray', ecolor='black')

patterns = ('/', '+', 'x', '\\')
for bar, pattern in zip(bars, patterns):