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Hi John, The latest CVS changes seem to help! The new

    > deprecations are gone, and my own title works on center
    > justify.

    > But if I try an absurdly long title: gcf().text(0.5,
    > 0.95,'Distance Histograms by Category is a really long
    > title that should flow off', font, fontsize=12)

    > Then I get an X Window Error and my script crashes. Most
    > ungraceful.

Yes, most. Are you sure you are using the right version? Does line
1702 of read

        def clip_gc(gc):
            gc.set_clip_rectangle( (0, 0, self.width, self.height) )
        for t in self._text:
            t.clip_gc = clip_gc

I also tested with a ridiculously long figure title and did not get
the X windows crash after making these changes . CVS should have
this, but as you've noted, sometimes the mirrors are a little behind.
If you have this and are still getting the crashes, let me know and
I'll sort it out.

    > For fun, I've attached the .pngs I've been working
    > on. Lost-person behavior: distance travelled and outcome
    > of the search, broken down by major
    > categories. (Australian data)

That's great. Unfortunately I can't look at them right now because
I'm logged in remotely from a win32 machine but will check them out
Monday. If you'd like to send a script, I can add one of them to the
screenshots section of the home page.


It seems I'm running the new version:
  * line 1702 of reads as you asked
  * I just tried another CVS get and got nothing
  * I just did another run of and nothing happened

I still get the crash, and can reproduce with a simple 3-line script,

}Monday. If you'd like to send a script, I can add one of them to the
}screenshots section of the home page.
My script is an ugly beast that parses an ugly dataset. But I'll see about
getting a demo version.
  -C (137 Bytes)


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