My understanding is, the frontend does all its calculations

    > in floating point and never uses fig.get_width_height()
    > because its always dealing width width, height in inches
    > and dpi.

    > 'grep' shows that fig.get_width_height() is not used by the
    > frontend, its only ever used by the backends so it does not
    > really belong in Figure it belongs it FigureCanvas.

    > The value of width/height in inches * dpi does not need to
    > be integers, but what about the ACTUAL width, height values
    > that the backends produce? The backends will either draw
    > to the display with width, height in integer pixels, or
    > create an output file png, ps, svg etc, which in most
    > (all?) cases will have integer width, height. Does it make
    > sense having an output file 1200.8 x 900.6? What use is the
    > fractional point/pixel?

Hi Steve,

I don't see any use cases where one would use the floating point
values, so if you want to make the changes you propose, go ahead. Be
sure to note them in the CHANGELOG and in API_CHANGES.