Jean-Baptiste> If I try to call figlegend from the canvas,
    Jean-Baptiste> canvas.Figure or canvas.Figure.axes[0], I get an
    Jean-Baptiste> erro message as figlegend is not defined in any of
    Jean-Baptiste> these contexts canvas.figure.figlegend(tuple([i[1]
    Jean-Baptiste> for i in d]),tuple([i[0] for i in d]),'upper
    Jean-Baptiste> center') AttributeError: Figure instance has no
    Jean-Baptiste> attribute 'figlegend'

In order to trace what command you should be using to go from the
matlab interface to the OO API, do the following

Go to and find the command you want to use. In this case
it's figlegend. Search for 'def figlegend'

You'll find:

def figlegend(handles, labels, loc):
    'snip documentation'
    l = gcf().legend(handles, labels, loc)
    return l

The critical line is

    l = gcf().legend(handles, labels, loc)

gcf() returns the current Figure instance. Hence matlab.figlegend is
calling Figure.legend.

This should help,