figimage filling entire image

Thanks for your response. I am familiar with implot however

    > I've never been able to get it to plot with distinct pixel
    > boundaries. What I want is a figimage-like plot with
    > distinct, single-color regions, just larger regions, so that
    > the entire screen window is filled. No smoothing or
    > interpolation, just big chunky pixels.

Hi Rich,

You'll probably want to use

  imshow(X, interpolation='nearest')

to prevent smoothing / interpolation.

    > "you can define an Axes with size [0,1,0,1]"

    > The order of the points is wrong there, and you set me
    > straight.

OK, I'll fix that for the next release, thanks.

See also the matshow command new to 0.72 which created an axes with
the same aspect ration as your array.