fig.legend placement


  As you know in matplotlib 0.60 fig.legend does allow
placing the legend outside of the axis. I'm hoping to find its
position, and then position the axes where i want wrt
to the fig.legend placement. I had to problem placing the axes.
For the legend i tried
rec = legendInstance.get_frame()
lVertices = rec.get_verts()

I think that the lVertices don't truly represent where the
legend actually gets placed. e.g. putting the legend at the upper left
or lower right don't change the values in lVertices.

I guess what i'm really trying to accomplish is a legend placement
along the lines of something like

'outside upper left' --> meaning outside of the axes to the upper left
'outside lower left' --> meaning outside of the axes to the lower left

I think i can do this at my application level...if i can either get the
legend placement, or set the position. Another approach would be
to attempt to hack up the code to accept other placements.

Am i making this way more complicated than it is?
Any suggestions?