Feature Freeze for 1.3 today

Today is the day scheduled to be the feature freeze for 1.3.0.

We should get all PRs that are close to ready for inclusion tagged as 1.3.0 (or 1.3.x blocker if they represent a serious bug).

At the moment, we have 8 blocker bugs, of which only 3 of which seem to require much much effort at this point. We have 27 non-blocker PRs.

I probably won't create a 1.3.x branch just yet, so things for 1.3.0 can just get merged into master for now, and things that are for post-1.3.0 should be held off for the time being. Once we have the PRs down to a manageable number, I will create a branch and let everyone know here.

Thanks again for all your help, and I look forward to seeing you at Scipy!