Fancy arrows code

Hi all,

I'm attaching a set of files which provide very nice arrows functionality. This was contributed by Rob Knight, from the biochemistry dept. at the University of Colorado, Boulder.

The attachments are:

- arrow_plot: example file to run, which should open a plot window and generate a png.

- fancy_arrow: actual module with the functionality, meant for merging into matplotlib if you guys like it. Obviously the examples will need to be changed once this becomes part of mpl.

- arrow_cgi: example for this as CGI code. This can be seen in action here:

- a PNG of what the results should look like. I just generated this a minute ago on my box, using CVS matplotlib (Rob, it looks fine to me, so the glitches you were seeing were either just on your system, or have been fixed in CVS).

Chris Barker was interested in playing with this. I hope either him or others can integrate it smoothly into the rest of matplotlib, and that it may eventually give us better arrows capabilities than quiver.

Thanks to Rob for putting this code out!


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