failed to save in 'eps' format when I use latex environment

Darren Dale <darren.dale@...163...> writes:

pdf output uses to parse the dvi files created by latex,
get the font layout information, and place the glyphs. [...] there are
some subtle and difficult to resolve limitations of dviread (like
rendering greek letters in math mode) that have prevented us from
using it everywhere. Jouni, would you care to comment?

The details are a little complicated, but yes, lacks some
features of the font support in dvips. The PS backend calls dvips and so
gets to use all the font machinery in a modern TeX system, and dviread
doesn't (yet) implement all the features. Another potential problem is
that dviread makes more assumptions about the TeX system than the PS
backend, and I have only tested it on TeX Live on a Mac. Both TeX Live
and teTeX on a Unix-ish system should be fine, but I have no idea about
TeX implementations on Windows, or any commercial implementations.

For various reasons, I haven't had much time recently to hack on
matplotlib, but improving dviread is high on my todo list when I do find
the time.


Jouni K. Seppänen