failed to save in 'eps' format when I use latex environment

Although the 'align' environment inside the figure environment does not
cause any error,
tt seems like that the 'put' command from the 'picture' environment in
LaTeX does not
accept \begin{something} ~ \end{something} or \[~\].

As you pointed out, my problem is coming from the limitation in LaTeX.

However, there are two things I do not understand still.

First, saving a plot with the align environment in 'eps' format had worked
in the previous
version of matplotlib (0.90.1 from ubuntu gutsy 7.10). What has been

Nothing with the latex support, as far as I can tell from the changelogs.

Secondly, saving in a 'png' or 'pdf' format works still. What's the

Saving a ps or eps file goes through the procedure of embedding the figure in
a latex document in order for PSFrags to do its job and convert some tags
into actual text. That way you get scalable output. png just renders the text
as images, not as text. pdf output uses to parse the dvi files
created by latex, get the font layout information, and place the glyphs.
dviread was not available when we added support to the eps/*agg backends, it
was contributed later by Jouni Seppanen. dviread is a simpler and more
elegant approach than the way it is done in eps/*agg, but there are some
subtle and difficult to resolve limitations of dviread (like rendering greek
letters in math mode) that have prevented us from using it everywhere. Jouni,
would you care to comment?


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