f for full screen ??

Was this a joke? I have made a plot and tried pretty much

    > any combination of funky keys plus an f to get it to full
    > screen, but no go. Any hint? Thanks, Mark

GTK* only -- if you know how to do full screen mode for your GUI of
choice, please add it and send in the patch

You will need to define


for your figure manager of choice.



Message: 5 From: Vidar Gundersen <vidar+list@...599...> To:

    > matplotlib-users@lists.sourceforge.net Date: Thu, 13 Oct
    > 2005 18:06:52 +0200 Subject: [Matplotlib-users] shortcut
    > keys and right-click menu

    > as an addition to the toolbar (or as an alternative for
    > users who want to turn it off), i think shortcut keys and a
    > right-click menu for the figure window would be a useful
    > addition to mpl.

    > some suggested shortcut keys, (ctrl+)s = save as... z =
    > zoom to rectangle p = pan (and zoom) alt+right arrow,
    > backspace = back alt+left arrow = forward esc, ctrl+w =
    > close figure window

    > we already have the neat f for fullscreen.

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