Extra debug flag?


    > I seem to be seeing some extra debug output. I have been
    > using the wx background and the embedding_in_wx.py example as
    > a template for how to make matplotlib plots in an app i'm
    > writing. This part works great!! I am however seeing what
    > appears to be a debug flag left on somewhere?

No, this is in the wx code. I traced it to the line


Miraculously, I commented this out, got rid of the annoying messages,
and fixed the wx exception swallowing bug! Jeremy and I have been
killing ourselves for about 6 months trying to figure out why backend
wx was swallowing our exceptions, and I can't really convey how happy
I am to have found this. We have tried all manner of hacks, google
searches and plantive pleas to get our exceptions back to no avail.
It made debugging wx virtually impossible.

Please test this change on your system. win32 users, I would also be
much obliged if you could try commenting this out on your system to
see if you lose functionality. On my linux box, the figures came up
as expected, I was able to print to jpg and png, so all looks well.

Note, wxagg is in CVS if you need some of the agg features that native
wx drawing does not provide. But it looks like all systems are go for
a release next week so you may as well wait.