exporting PYTHONPATH causes matplotlib not to load

John Hunter <jdh2358@...287...> writes:

es, this is your problem. You have the matplotlib source directory in
your HOME directory and when you run from your home directory, it is
being picked up instead of the installation directory. I usually name
my src tree "mpl" to avoid this problem

I don't know why there is an empty __init__.py in the source directory,
but would something break if the file printed out a warning, like

print '''
  Warning: your "import %s" is picking up the matplotlib source
  directory, which is not usable as a Python module. To avoid this
  problem, either rename the directory to e.g. "mpl" or move it to
  some directory that is not on your Python path.
''' % __name__


Jouni K. Sepp�nen