Experimental, traited config module available in svn

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Hi all,

Fixed in svn 3711. gotta run!

Thanks, the r3712 did it. Here's some info. This little test:

maqroll[config]> cat simple_plot.py
#!/usr/bin/env python
Example: simple line plot.
Show how to make and save a simple line plot with labels, title and grid
from pylab import *

title("A simple plot")
xlabel("the x axis")
ylabel("the y axis")


######## EOF

Produces the attached kcachegrind profiles when run with lsprofcalltree.

As far as I can see, the traits code is directly not a huge problem.
But it does seem to pull in:

- A lot of WX stuff

- pkg_resources calls that generate enormous amounts of filesystem
activity, as well as a lot of regular expression calls (probably in
compiling search patterns).

I have a talk to give now, but I've attached the kcachegrind logs so
others can play with this. Those who know Traits may be able to
extract more info out of this.



ps - We can move this to enthought-dev if you prefer, to cut on the x-posting.

simple_plot.py.log-NOTRAITS.bz2 (51.7 KB)

simple_plot.py.log-TRAITS.bz2 (72.3 KB)


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