errorbar and legend -- colors


From other postings I see how to use a legend with errorbar. For example:

But I see that there is still a problem with the *color* of the legend
symbols. Specifically, if I plot using errorbar and then overplot a line,
the color of the line in the legend is set to the color of the errorbar

For example:

from pylab import *
data = [1,2,3]
error = [.5, .5, .5]
# The errorbar plot is blue.
line1 = errorbar(data, data, error, None, 'bo')
# The dashed line plot is red.
line2 = plot(data, data, 'r--')

Notice that in the legend both the points and the dashed lines are blue,
when the dashed line should be red!

Any ideas on how to get around this, or better yet, patch it?