error with

Another clue, when I try another example with wx I get:

    > wohlbier@...111... examples python dynamic\_demo\_wx\.py     > Traceback \(most recent call last\): File     > "dynamic\_demo\_wx\.py", line 34, in ? from     > matplotlib\.backends import Figure, Toolbar, FigureManager     > ImportError: cannot import name Figure wohlbier@\.\.\.111\.\.\.     > examples

    > Does this mean anything?

Well, it appears dynamic_demo_wx has not been updated to the latest
API. Ignore this one for now.

What happens when you do

  > python2.3 -dWX

Does it help to do

  > python2.3 -dWX

It shouldn't because you have selected wx as your default backend in
matplotlibrc, but I find your problem a little mysterious so I'm
grasping here.

Please send me the you are trying to run as an
attachement so I can see if I can replicate it on my system.