Error when running code on remote machine: how can I overpass this?

sorry, I just found the simple way out and so I am answering my own post: use
Agg instead of GtkAgg...

sorry for the dummy question and the inconvenience,

and have a nice end of 2008



I am trying to run a relatively large code, which includes some calls to and
import from pylab/matplotlib, on a remote machine: the part of the code I am
running is NOT performing any plot so there is no direct access to a display.
Unfortunately it still crashes with something like:

---> 40 cursors.MOVE : gdk.Cursor(gdk.FLEUR),
41 cursors.HAND : gdk.Cursor(gdk.HAND2),
42 cursors.POINTER : gdk.Cursor(gdk.LEFT_PTR),

RuntimeError: could not create GdkCursor object

when it tries to reach the display when importing pylab I guess.

I am now doing this from my laptop from a non-fixed IP and there is no easy way
for me to forward the display (loging e.g. with ssh -X), or to just isolate the
pylab part of the code (lots of files, lots of lines, etc).

I am desperately trying to run this long calculation on that remote machine (and
do it while my laptop is off, using "screen") because I need a lot of memory and
CPU.... How can I overpass this easily (just allowing for the code not to crash
with that initialisation and go on with the rest) ???

thanks for any input there