EPD Webinar: How to solve ODEs with SciPy

Enthought Python Distribution Webinar
September 10

This Friday,Warren Weckesser will host the first of three webinars in
a series on solving differential equations in Python. We will take a close
look at the two tools available for solving ordinary differential equations
in SciPy: the "odeint" function and the "ode" class.

Two examples will be discussed: (1) the famous Lorenz equations that
exhibit chaos, and (2) the Gray-Scott reaction-diffusion equations in 1D,
from which we will obtain a system of ordinary differential equations
by using the "Method of Lines". The demonstrations also include 3D plots
and animation using Matplotlib.

Enthought Python Distribution Webinar
How do I...solve differential equations with Python?
Part I: SciPy Tools
Friday, September 10: 1pm CST/6pm UTC
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Early in 2011, Warren will host Part II: boundary value problems, and in
the spring he'll follow up with a third installment to the series.

Have a fantastic September,
The Enthought Team