EPD 6.1 & Upcoming Webinars

March is shaping up to be as busy as ever: planning
SciPy 2010 (http://conference.scipy.org/scipy2010),
two great webinars...and a new release of EPD!

* Enthought Python Distribution 6.1 *

In EPD 6.1, NumPy and SciPy are dynamically linked
against the MKL linear algebra routines. This allows
EPD users to seamlessly benefit from the highly
optimized BLAS and LAPACK routines in the MKL.

We were certainly expecting to observe performance
improvements, but we were surprised at just how
dramatic the optimizations were for applications
run on dual and multi-core Intel(R) processors.
Refer to our benchmarking tests for more info:


Then try it yourself!


* Enthought March Webinars *

This Friday, Travis Oliphant will lead a webinar on
optimization methods in EPD. Then, on the 19th, we'll
host a webinar on Python libraries for integrating
C and C++ code, namely Weave, Cython, and ctypes.

Enthought Python Distribution Webinar
How do I... optimize?
Friday, March 5: 1pm CST/7pm UTC
Wait-list (for non-subscribers): email


Scientific Computing with Python Webinar
Weave, Cython, and ctypes
Friday, March 19: 1pm CST/7pm UTC



~ The Enthought Team ~

Open Course Austin, TX:


  Python for Scientists and Engineers
  * May 17- 19

  Interfacing with C / C++ and Fortran
  * May 20

  Introduction to UIs and Visualization
  * May 21

Financial Open Course, London, UK:


  Python for Quants
  * March 8-10

  Software Craftsmanship
  * March 11

  Introduction to UIs and Visualization
  * March 12

* Pricing, licensing, and training inquiries *

Didrik and Matt are dedicated to answering your
questions and getting you the support you need.

US : Matt Harward

Europe: Didrik Pinte