embedding in wx segfault

Hi I have a variant of the embedding_in_wx script that

    > worked fine on my previous version of matplotlib. Now,
    > with version 0.51 it's seg faulting. I updated the script
    > to reflect the changes in the library but still... Can
    > anyone see what may be going wrong?

Please resend as an attachment - your lines are wrapped and hence the
code is doubly difficult to debug.

A couple of suggestions: wx swallows exceptions. This makes it
virtually impossible to debug scripts using wx since you cannot read
the stack trace. The problem may be a simple syntax error in your
script having nothing to do with matplotlib or the wx backend per se,
and you wouldn't see it because of the exception swallowing problem.


  1) insert some print statements at the top of each function so you
     can see when the failure occurs. This is essentially what Jeremy
     does in backend_wx. Change the _DEBUG level to a low number in
     backend_wx to get more debugging information.

  2) try running pychecker on your script.

A lifetime supply of free bugfixes to any wx guru who knows how to fix
this problem - Jeremy and I have certainly suffered with it long enough.