Embedding in existing application window

Thanks for responding to my plea, Ken! I've already looked at the Wiki and even looked at the code for wxMpl. From how I understand the way that wxMpl works it creates a separate instance of the WXAgg GUI. Not really what I wanted. I want to place the existing PythonCard component of the main window to display the plot. I'm sorry I haven't been more articulate .... I'm just starting to wade through this and Matplotlib has all the functionality that I need.



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  Smith, Frank wrote:
  > Is it possible to plot onto an existing application window? In particular,
  > I'm developing a simple application under PythonCard whose main application
  > window that already has a component that inherits from wxFloatCanvas (which in
  > turn inherits, appropriately, from wxPanel). In broad strokes can anyone
  > provide some hints, direction, main steps, … I feel a little clueless to
  > tell the truth. I've looked at the WX, WXAgg backends but at first glance they
  > are a little unyielding! I would appreciate any help … anything at all!
  There's a page on this topic in the matplotlib cookbook which ought to help
  you get started: