eggs or pythonmac packages on OS X?

I feel a 0.91.2 in the next few weeks, and I'll be sure to do this and
send you a test build.

- Charlie


On Dec 5, 2007 1:30 PM, Russell E Owen <rowen@...529...> wrote:

At 10:03 AM -0800 2007-12-05, Christopher Barker wrote:
>Russell E Owen wrote:
>>At 10:08 AM -0500 2007-12-05, Stephen Uhlhorn wrote:
>>>Just for my edification, why can't the egg version be linked
>>>against/include a different Tcl/Tk?
>>If you mean why can't it be built that way in the first place, I
>>don't know. The guy who builds it apparently doesn't read this list,
>Sure he does (if you mean the matplotlib list), and he did ask about
>it right before this release. Maybe that was asked on
>matplotlib-devel though (I filter them to the same place).

It was on matploblib-devel. I'll start skimming that newsgroup.

>>I suspect the official egg can somehow be patched, but I find it
>>easier to just build my own and put that on pythonmac.
>Ideally, there would be only one binary version, and it would work
>with either Tcl/Tk. Is that possible? or is this like the old wx
>situation, where it can only be run with the same version it is
>built against. Arrggg! I hope not.

The version I build *can* be used with the built in Tcl/Tk. The
version Charlie Moad builds cannot be used with TkAgg and a 3rd party
Tcl/Tk -- it not only won't use the library, but it also acts flaky.
Older versions crashed. 0.91.1 doesn't crash, but import of pylab
fails with a traceback.

For some reason it seems to be necessary to have a 3rd party Tcl/Tk
installed when building matplotlib. It seems a shame. Tkinter in
Python 2.4 was the same way, but that got fixed in Python 2.5 (I
don't whether the installer got fixed or whether whoever builds Mac
Python 2.5 installed a 3rd party Tcl/Tk).

>If there really do need to be two, then they should be labeled
>somehow, and both be up on python mac.

Since there don't need to be two versions this is not necessary.

However, Charlie Moad appears to be willing to start building a
version that works with 3rd party Tcl/Tk. I really hope that happens.

-- Russell

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