Edgecolors of bars?

Hi, how would you easily set the EDGEcolor of the bars

    > (using "bar")? I see a "set/get_edgecolor" in the output of
    > the bar command (p1 = bar ...) but I cannot manage to change
    > the edgecolors of my bars...

Works for me...

from pylab import subplot, show, setp, nx
ax = subplot(111)
p = ax.bar(range(10), range(10))
setp(p, edgecolor='red', facecolor='green', linewidth=4)

ok: it didn’t work for me because I was trying brute force (showing my
bad knowledge of python), so changing it using p.set_edgecolor …

Indeed it should work with setp…

Except that now I have a systematic error trying to use setp. (same as
the one indicated in “BUG …” I just sent)



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