dynamic update in TkAgg ? (more)

I took out a wristwatch and timed it instead of guessing. I get three
frames per second. It's about 4x from where we started, but still slow. I
guess I'm just underpowered, although a couple of years ago this was a
powerhouse. It seems that matplotlib may not be suited to this task. I
don't think it should take 2 GHz just to power a stripchart.

I've got new hardware coming this summer. I get whatever IT gives me (until
I can find funds to buy my own), so I don't know what I'll be getting.
We'll see what happens.

I have another question, but I'll start a new thread for that ...



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    > This turned out to be really easy so now canvas.draw
    > triggers a blit and functions more like the other backends.
    > It's in CVS. I also found an extraneous draw() so
    > performance should be better, perhaps 2x.

Yep, I'm getting about 20fps on my system now. Much improved.

Gary, I'm uploading a zip file which has the new matplotlib python
code. AFAIK, all the changes were made at the python level (right
Todd?) so you should just be able to unzip this in your site-packages
dir to try the new code. Let me know if it works, and what kind of
performance you are getting now.