dvipdfm problem with the matplotlib eps files

My lovely matplotlib EPS graphics are missing in my PDF
files if I use dvipdfm. It looks (?) like they are included
but then are blanked out afterwards. Any idea why? I have never had
trouble with other EPS files.

I tried cutting out all the page size stuff in the EPS file
(what is that about?) but it did not help.

Using dvips and ps2pdf gives a fine result.
The EPS files appear to be valid, but must be doing
something that upsets dvipdfm.

Alan Isaac

PS Here is a "stripped down" example file.

%%%%%%%%%%% temp.tex %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%

%%%%%%%%%%% temp.eps %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
%!PS-Adobe-3.0 EPSF-3.0
%%BoundingBox: 188 781 765 1214
%%LanguageLevel: 2
% This copyright applies to everything between here and the %%EndProlog:
% Copyright (C) 2005 artofcode LLC, Benicia, CA. All rights reserved.
%%BeginResource: procset GS_epswrite_2_0_1001
/GS_epswrite_2_0_1001 80 dict dup begin
/!{bind def}bind def/#{load def}!/N/counttomark #
/rG{3{3 -1 roll 255 div}repeat setrgbcolor}!/G{255 div setgray}!/K{0 G}!
/r6{dup 3 -1 roll rG}!/r5{dup 3 1 roll rG}!/r3{dup rG}!
/w/setlinewidth #/J/setlinecap #
/j/setlinejoin #/M/setmiterlimit #/d/setdash #/i/setflat #
/m/moveto #/l/lineto #/c/rcurveto #
/p{N 2 idiv{N -2 roll rlineto}repeat}!
/P{N 0 gt{N -2 roll moveto p}if}!
/h{p closepath}!/H{P closepath}!
/lx{0 rlineto}!/ly{0 exch rlineto}!/v{0 0 6 2 roll c}!/y{2 copy c}!
/re{4 -2 roll m exch dup lx exch ly neg lx h}!
/f{P fill}!/f*{P eofill}!/s{H stroke}!/S{P stroke}!
end def
/pagesave null def
%%Page: 1 1
GS_epswrite_2_0_1001 begin
/pagesave save store
0.012 0.012 scale
15690 65160 48000 36000 re
255 G
15690 65160 48000 36000 re
83.3333 w
2 J
15690 65160 48000 36000 re
21690 68760 37200 28800 re
21690 68760 37200 28800 re
cleartomark end pagesave restore
%%Pages: 1