Drawing filled circles (discs)

sidimok <sidimok@...287...> writes:

Thank you very much indeed for the help, both solutions work like a
charm. However Dave's one gives rough cirlces, approximated by
polygones, which is not very accurate for my buisness.

As he said, increasing the number of vertices could be enough, depending
on your exact needs. If you zoom in on polygons, you will of course
eventually see the difference.

May I ask how to create a circleCollection as Jouni "The Expert"

I meant that you could read through collections.py and implement a
CircleCollection along the lines of the other collections there. I'm not
quite sure what exactly this entails [so I'm not expert enough to answer
your question :-)]. At least it would mean a new method for backends,
although one that you could implement once in backend_bases.

(Now that I look at collections.py, the base class Collection has a
get_verts method that derived classes should override and that other
parts of matplotlib call, so perhaps collections of non-polygons would
require more extensive changes than just adding a new subclass.)

The advantage would be speed of rendering in case you draw lots of
circles, so if speed is not a problem, don't worry about this.


Jouni K. Sepp�nen