Does anyone have TkAgg working with the Aqua version of Tk?

I'm using Python/Tkinter under OS X, but with the Aqua

    > version of Tcl/Tk rather than with the X11
    > version. Unfortunately, I can't get matplotlib's
    > installation to complete correctly with tkagg turned on;
    > it gets to a certain point in the compile and then says:

    > In file included from src/ft2font.c:1:
    > src/ft2font.h:7:22: ft2build.h: No such file or directory
    > src/ft2font.h:8:10: #include expects "FILENAME" or
    > <FILENAME> src/ft2font.h:9:10: #include expects
    > "FILENAME" or <FILENAME> In file included from
    > src/ft2font.c:1: src/ft2font.h:28: error: parse error
    > before "FT_Face" src/ft2font.h:28: warning: no semicolon
    > at end of struct or union ....

    > The named file is part of the freetype package, which I
    > installed via Fink. Unfortunately, I don't know if this
    > is due to the fact that matplotlib expects an X11
    > environment, library/path problems, or something else.

    > Anyone else have matplotlib/tkagg working under
    > TckTkAqua? If so, any hints?

Andrew Straw is the resident OS X expert here, homefully he has some
more advice. I'll throw in a suggestion or two. You need to modify to point to the base dir that contains ft2build.h. The
CVS version of (attached) allows you to specify a list of
base dirs to look for packages in. This was added mainly for OS X
users who have installed somethings to /usr/local and some by fink to
/sw, but it will probably be useful on other platforms too.

I'll attach the new and below; let me know if you
can build with them. If other OS X users can test as well that would
be great. Obviously I would like one script that can accommodate
everyone so please post suggested changes. It's easiest for me if you
just mail a file rather than a diff because I like to use ediff to
merge and have trouble with some diff formats. I'll merge them for
the next release which should be soon if testing goes OK; anyone have
any outstanding issues?). (3.12 KB) (9.41 KB)