Documentation of matplotlib in pdf-format

Hi all, I am wondering, if there is a tutorial (pdf-format)

    > illustrating all features of matplotlib.

There is nothing in pdf format, but there is a tutorial on the web

It's only a basic introduction, but is enough to get you started.
After that the best way to proceed is to look at the examples dir of
the source distribution (*.zip or *.tar.gz). Also, the library is
matlab compatible, and there is a wealth of documentation for matlab.

The reference for the matlab interface is

A read through this page will give you a reasonably complete overview.
Of course, you can also access these from the python shell

  >>> help(plot) or
  >>> help(text) or
  >>> help(set)

Note the above is just for the matlab interface, which is what most
people use. You can also embed matplotlib in GTK or WX applications.

Generating pdf from the html pydoc output is reasonably easy, by the
way, with a tool like htmldoc.

A PDF User's Guide is a good idea. It's officially on the lost of
things to do.