Docathon : focus on documentation on your favorite opensource project!

Hi everyone,

Apologies for cross-posting : this event might be of interest to some of the projects of the scientific Python community. We are trying to encourage FOSS developers to focus on documentation for a week instead of fixing bugs or implementing cool features!

Here are more informations about the project.



Sign up your project for the docathon!

The Docathon is happening next week! We’ve already got several projects signed up to participate in improving their documentation during the week. We’ve put together a nifty project board so that we can keep track of everybody’s progress during the week! If you sign up as a project, we’ll post your documentation commit stats like this:

How can I join in?
We want you to improve your documentation, wherever you are. To that extent, we’ll keep track of project activity regardless of its location. If you’d like to work with a group of people, here are a few specifics:

To kick off the docathon we’ll have a morning of tutorials on Monday, March 6th. These will cover particular tools and techniques for building great documentation. If you’re at Berkeley then you can sign up here. This will also be live-streamed on Youtube, so you can watch from wherever you are!

We’ll also have some working groups meeting periodically in cities around the country. If you’d like to join in with these groups, click one of these links:

You can also work remotely if you like, we will coordinate people via email/GitHub, too.

Wherever you are, don’t forget to sign up as a participant so we can give some pointers on how to contribute. Or, suggest a project to work on and we’ll keep track of its activity on our projects page.

If you have any questions, check out the Docathon website or open an issue on our GitHub repo.

Please feel free to forward this email to anyone who may be interested. We’d love for other institutions/groups to get involved.