differents problem with ticks

       Hi, I think to have found a bug in axis. You can't

    > choose a multiplelocator with 0.5 or 0.3 for example, you
    > can but the result is not what you're expecting. (see fig1
    > for the effect)

This appears to be a bug in your code

  xmajorLocator = MultipleLocator(0.3)
  xmajorFormatter = FormatStrFormatter('%d')
You are telling it to format the numbers as integers. Try

  xmajorFormatter = FormatStrFormatter('%1.2f')

    > Another funny script (see scripts2 and scripts3) with tick
    > problem. Compare the two following scripts, the only
    > difference is to tell to yaxis to use the same
    > characteristic than xaxis. The very funny thing is to
    > change the ymajorLocator in xmajorLocator and etc with
    > you're doing the setting for the y axis... That influx in
    > the x axis. See fig2 and fig3.

    > Perhaps (probably) I'm doing something bad but I'm not
    > able to find where.

This is a problem with matplotlib but I don't have a quick fix for
you. I'll look into it more when I get some time. For now, sharing
the same tick locator between multiple axes is not recommended, though
I understand this is a desirable thing to be able to do. You can make
two identical locators, however, and shouldn't have troubles, which if
I understand you correctly, is what you observe.