differents problem with ticks


I think to have found a bug in axis. You can't choose a multiplelocator with 0.5 or 0.3 for example, you can but the result is not what you're expecting. (see fig1 for the effect)

Another funny script (see scripts2 and scripts3) with tick problem. Compare the two following scripts, the only difference is to tell to yaxis to use the same characteristic than xaxis. The very funny thing is to change the ymajorLocator in xmajorLocator and etc with you're doing the setting for the y axis... That influx in the x axis. See fig2 and fig3.

Perhaps (probably) I'm doing something bad but I'm not able to find where.






test_major_minor.py (502 Bytes)

test_major_minor2.py (1.62 KB)

test_major_minor3.py (1.62 KB)