different PNG and PDF output...

I just found my previous message was only sent to Lebostein.
Anyhow, here is my original meesage.

Yes, I can see the differences.
Anyway, it seems to me the differences are primarily caused by
different dpi, not by different backend.
I guess the image in
is also created with png backend, and that looks okay to me.
And I'm afraid that I didn't correctly accounted the figure dpi when I
calculate these dimensions.
I'll try to correct this soon.



And, Micheal, yes, it is a dpi issue. I was using font size in
"points" as a reference while it should be in "pixels". This should be
fixed both in the maintenance branch and in the trunk.

So, Lebostein and j, if you know how to check out using svn, can you
give a try either the svn trunk or the maintenance branch? I'm
attaching the patch just in case.



legend_dpi.patch (8.43 KB)


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