Delaying rc3 (again)

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Agreed! Thanks to everyone for their hard work. I think this has
shaped up to be a great release.

I'm fortunate to have power and connectivity today, so I was able to get
a release tested, tagged and uploaded.

To our binary builders: as able, it would be great to put the binaries
up (or send them to me to do so), and then I'll make an announcement on
matplotlib-users. I really intend (barring any really serious issues)
this to be the last rc before the 1.2.0 final.

Thanks again,

The Mac binaries are now up. This time it built perfectly on MacOS X
10.4; thanks to the folks that worked so hard fixing those build

The 32-bit version is not well tested because I have neither inkscape
nor ghostscript installed on that ancient system, but it passes the
tests that it can run under those circumstances.

The 64-bit version passes all tests except 2 knownfail and 3 skipped.

-- Russell

P.S. I had to build the 64-bit version twice. The first time I tried to
build it using the same directory of code that I used to build 32-bit
version. I first deleted the "build" and "dist" subdirectories and ran
"python clean", then built as usual. There were no errors or
warnings during the build, but the unit tests would not run on the
results -- complaining of missing modules.

So I built again using a freshly unpacked code directory and that worked
just fine.

I'm pretty sure I've seen this problem before, but keep forgetting to
ask about it.

Is this a bug somewhere (e.g. in matplotlib's or somewhere in
python) or is there some better way to clear out a python code directory?