Delaunay code: future directions?


Qhull does not support triangulation of non-convex surfaces, mesh

generation of non-convex objects, … or constrained Delaunay



these are key to my needs, but are they for MPL?

No, all we need is a drop-in replacement for the existing code, i.e. 2D unconstrained Delaunay. Further functionality is outside our remit of “plotting library”.

I’ve also got a colleague with some nice code based on Donald Knuth’s

Axioms and Hulls monograph. If someone it interested in adding some

tests and python wrappers, I’ll bet he’d be glad to release it with a

suitable license. (C++).

We’ve talked about this before and previously I have been interested. But now I think it is unnecessary to maintain our own code when we have a drop-in replacement that has worked so well for scipy.



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