The style module (extracted from mpltools) is now part of the library and was one of the major features added in the 1.4 series.




On Fri, Nov 7, 2014 at 10:15 AM, Sebastian Berg <sebastian@…3476…> wrote:


just something I was wondering about today. I commonly want to change

certain things about my plots. For example I like a serif/larger fonts,

and everyone knows that “jet” is an awful default colour map almost


It could be neat to have some more “default” rc’s or so that can be

loaded easily. I mean I could just create one for myself, but having

some examples of what can be done and being able to switch that could be

neat. Such as some defaults that are better for printing, maybe in

matplotlib or really just on a website which shows some example plot for

uploaded RCs.

Anyway, just rambling :), I am not planning to really think about it

much. And maybe some things even exist and I am not aware of it.



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