dates fail after upgrade [SOLVED]

Thank you for the ‘fix’. Both the demo and my old matplotlib based scripts work again.


I upgraded to matplotlib-0.87.4 Now I receive an error like the following
every time I try to use matplotlib.dates. The following error messages
were generated when I tried to run matplotlib-0.87.4/examples/

Any Idea on how I can get dates working again?
(I am running the kernel on a 64-bit linux system)

in matplotlib/, change line 155 from
remainder = x - ix
remainder = float(x) - ix

The problem is that matplotlib uses numpy arrays for the xaxis. As you have a
64b system, the arrays are in float64scalars, that divmod doesn’t know how to
process (unless you have a very recent of numpy). The trick above
forces a
downcasting of float64scalar to float32scalar, divmod can now work.


On Friday 28 July 2006 17:19, Richard Ruth wrote: