Data directory

Hi -

I installed matplotlib into an alternative directory (using --home=/usr/local/python/python-2.3-FC2).

I edited my .matplotlibrc file to set the data directory to /usr/local/python/python-2.3-FC2/share/matplotlib, but it doesn't seem to work:

   File "/usr/local/python/python-2.3-FC2//lib/python/matplotlib/backends/", line 20, in ?
   File "/usr/local/python/python-2.3-FC2//lib/python/matplotlib/backends/", line 9, in ?
     from matplotlib.figure import Figure
   File "/usr/local/python/python-2.3-FC2//lib/python/matplotlib/", line 3, in ?
     from axes import Axes, Subplot, PolarSubplot, PolarAxes
   File "/usr/local/python/python-2.3-FC2//lib/python/matplotlib/", line 10, in ?
     from axis import XAxis, YAxis
   File "/usr/local/python/python-2.3-FC2//lib/python/matplotlib/", line 20, in ?
     from font_manager import FontProperties
   File "/usr/local/python/python-2.3-FC2//lib/python/matplotlib/", line 942, in ?
     fontManager = FontManager()
   File "/usr/local/python/python-2.3-FC2//lib/python/matplotlib/", line 791, in __init__
   File "/usr/local/python/python-2.3-FC2//lib/python/matplotlib/", line 779, in rebuild
     self.ttfdict = createFontDict(self.ttffiles)
   File "/usr/local/python/python-2.3-FC2//lib/python/matplotlib/", line 411, in createFontDict
     verbose.report_error("Could not open font file", fpath)
TypeError: report_error() takes exactly 2 arguments (3 given)

(BTW the bottom appears to be a bug - report_error should be given 3 arguments)

I've also tried specifiying the /usr/local/python/python-2.3-FC2/ and /usr/local/python/python-2.3-FC2/share, but neither work.

Is there any reason why the location of the data directory can't be put into matplotlib when it is installed? This would be much more convenient. It would also be nice if matplotlib can find the location of .matplotlibrc if there isn't one in the user's directory. When sing an alternate installation directory, it can't find one at the moment.



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