Dark or inverted color scheme

I got pretty good results with the code below. Note that I am reading the

FLIP_COLORS from a gui checkbox.

FLIP_COLORS = self.dark_background_flag.get()


matplotlib.rcParams[‘figure.facecolor’] = ‘0.0’

matplotlib.rcParams[‘axes.edgecolor’] = ‘grey’

matplotlib.rcParams[‘text.color’] = ‘white’

matplotlib.rcParams[‘ytick.color’] = ‘#00ff00

matplotlib.rcParams[‘xtick.color’] = ‘#0ED5D5

matplotlib.rcParams[‘axes.labelcolor’] = ‘#0ED5D5

matplotlib.rcParams[‘axes.facecolor’] = ‘black’

matplotlib.rcParams[‘grid.color’] = ‘0.3’

matplotlib.rcParams[‘grid.linestyle’] = ‘-’

matplotlib.rcParams[‘lines.markeredgewidth’] = 0.0



I seems like setting matplotlib.rcParams[‘figure.facecolor’] isn’t

enough. I think this is a bug and set_facecolor() is a work-around.


This will flip and also flip back. I found a few colors didn’t follow

the crowd. For example, axes.ylabel.color doesn’t seem to have

an entry in rcParams. For this, I have to modify the plot generation

statments something like:

ax.set_ylabel(‘Voltage (volts)’, color=matplotlib.rcParams[‘ytick.color’])

That sets the ylabel text to be the same as the tick marks. I also have to

do things like that to change line colors and such when going flipping colors.